A Zoo in a shopping mall?

Bua Noi has been caged alone and came to be recognized for her sad face, puling her hair out. Cages with only tyres, wooden climbing beams and a long chain as entertainment. A poor imitation of a jungle they might never be able to see…….

On the sixth, seventh and top floor of an outdated department store in Bangkok orangutans, chimpanzees and other animals, including Gorilla Bua Noi who have been in captivity for 28 years, are suffering in the Pata Zoo. The Zoo has operated since the beginning of 1983, along with the department store and gorilla Bua Noi became the star attraction when she was bought as a 1 year old from Germany in 1992.


The animals in captivity are trapped in dirty and dingy cages. Goats are cramped in an enclosure where they can barely walk. Reptiles, turtles and rodents are kept in poorly maintained aquariums. Tourists can get food to give to these poor animals.For years animal rights activist demands closure of this run down zoo. Over the years, numerous petitions have been offered to the government and PETA regularly demonstrates in front of the mall. PETA want the owner of the zoo to realize that there’s nothing entertaining about seeing animals suffering in decrepit conditions behind bars.




If the Pata Zoo cared more about animals than pride and profit, they allow the animals to be transferred to sanctuaries!

On Wednesday April 15, a fire broke out in the department store. Fortunately, there have been no casualties (animals and humans). This once again makes it clear that wild animals do not belong in a zoo and certainly not on the top floor of a shopping mall!

Source: PETA