Animal Defenders St. Maarten

Animal Defenders St. Maarten is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) whose mission is to make sure the St.Maarten community becomes more involved in helping animals.


The volunteers of Animal Defenders St. Maarten wish to create AWARENESS and COMPASSION for the animals on their friendly island. Their main focus is on:

  • SPAY/NEUTER operations plus aftercare
  • Medication
  • Education
  • Adoptions


Animal Defenders:
“Animal Defenders SXM Foundation is very thankful for the support from private and corporate sponsors the past year and the foundation cannot operate without the generous donations. The main priorities are sterilizing, vaccinating, feeding, and aftercare of the strays (mostly dogs and cats) and we also focus on organizing awareness campaigns for the community to become more involved in helping our voiceless friends. All donations go directly towards the animals, in terms of food, medications, spay/neuter or other operations, vaccinations and after care. Neither the volunteers nor the board receive a salary or any other compensation; to the contrary they all donate their own money on gasoline, telephone expenses, pet food and occasionally even a vet bill, next to the valuable donated time and energy.


The volunteers are priceless because compassion cannot be bought and there is no amount of money big enough to express how precious they are. It all comes from their hearts and it is all done with love for the animals. A big THANK YOU for the sponsors and the volunteers from the animals.”


For more information visit their Facebook page.