animal souvenirs


Traveling overseas is exciting for everyone. The majority of people’s first instinct when they arrive overseas is to sight-see, try out the traditional foods of that country and of course do some shopping. But does anyone know what they are actually buying?

Every year millions of people bring in illegal and endangered animal products from overseas without even knowing.

“You can help save nature by asking basic questions and getting the facts before you buy something. The best piece of advice is if you’re in doubt, don’t buy it.”

Souvenirs to avoid while travelling:

  • Animal skin, fur and feathers (made into clothing, handbags, hats, belts, shoes etc.)
  • Marine life such as starfish, seahorses, coral, conch shells and shark teeth (made into mostly jewelry and hair combs)
  • Turtle shells (made into jewelry, combs and sunglasses)
  • Traditional Asian medicines (made with rhino horns and tiger bones)
  • Elephant and hippo ivory
  • Shahtoosh “wool” which comes from the endangered Tibetan Chiru Antelope (made into shawls and scarves)

For further information and if you wish to show your support for WWF, click the following link and see several ways you can contribute to this ongoing issue:

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