Wings for Animals ontvangt onderscheiding van KLM CEO Pieter Elbers

Compliment from colleague

A post from colleague Merel Timmers, thank you Merel for your support!

For everyone who loves animals …

I have been working for KLM for 13 years now and it is time that I started promoting our non-profit organization ‘Wings for animals’.

What a super job my colleagues do during their missions!
For example, setting up sterilization programs, transporting relief goods, providing information and education and by giving donations to various projects.

I admire these colleagues, because they visit animal shelters and projects all over the world and are confronted with terrible scenes and stories. I could not do it .. but how easy is it that I can contribute financially?

If you want to donate to a great organization, of which every cent of the donation goes to the animals, click here.

This organization is run by cabin and cockpit colleagues who have a heart for animals.