fur for animals


They need their fur. You don’t. Fur is derived from wild animals caught or bred and killed in a terrible way… only for their fur. Foxes and raccoon dogs are slaughtered in wire-steel cages after miserable life, anal-eluted or sometimes even alive. Coyotes are caught with cruel wildlife clamps.
In short: fur is a cruel product and acient for the time we life in!
Fortunately, media is becoming increasingly aware of the atrocities behind fur and more and more clothing companies are pursuing a flawless policy. You do not need any fur to dress you warm and warm!

Bont voor Dieren (Fur for Animals) is a Dutch animal protection organization dedicated to the rights and protection of all fur-bearing animals.

Bont voor Dieren campaigns against the production and use of fur by raising public awareness on issues such as animal cruelty and welfare, fur farming, trapping, sealing, dog and cat fur, raccoon dog and coyote fur and fur in fashion. We do so using entirely legal and non-violent means.

Bont voor Dieren achieves its goals through political lobby at a local, national and European level, by persuading fashion designers and retailers to not include fur in their collections, through education and, of course, maintaining a high media profile.

Bont voor Dieren is also active on an international level. We offer our support and information to organizations in other countries were fur is still widely worn. Our motto is ‘When you stop buying, the animals stop dying’. In other words, if fur is no longer traded anywhere in the world, the suffering of all fur-bearing animals at human hands will come to an end. Bont voor Dieren is also an active member of the Fur Free Alliance that campaigns against the fur trade on behalf of all fur bearing animals on an international scale.