Kitten Rescue Curacao

Kittens & cats on Curacao

The suitcases of colleagues Nicole van Rosendal, Adriana Correa, Trudy Gowdy-derijks, Jeanette Dreja, Erica Mann-Suijkerbuijk and Nathalie Mercuur were recently filled for Miriam and Mariëtte, ladies who are day and night committed to well-being (catching, feeding, sterilization) of kittens and adult cats. The kitten milk that Wings for Animals could buy on behalf of our donors, items bought by colleagues and the medicines (via veterinarians and pet stores collected by Sandra Buur-Gravenmaker) all arrived at Kitten Rescue Curaçao and Cats of Curaçao.

The coordination of all this went flawlessly through the work of board member Jacobien and faithful volunteer Juultje! Thank you all for the fine cooperation!

Below the report by colleagues Jeanette and Adriana

Jeanette Dreja:
Kitten Rescue CuracaoWhen I was in Curaçao, Annelies from Wings for Animals connected me with Miriam from Kitten Rescue and Mariette from Cats of Curaçao. During my stay on the island, I visited Mariette and I could see with my own eyes what an amazing job she is doing. Mariette provides a beautiful home for the cats of Curaçao…and gives them loads of attention! She calls all 184 (!) cats by name and she knows the story of each and every one of them. She is more than 100% committed to them! Her main goal is, to castrate /sterilize all the cats on the island. This is the only way to limit the suffering and the surpluses. While we were talking, Mariette was very busy feeding and cleaning…as was I with cuddling! All of the cats are kind, social and very easy to pet. Every month she has expenses of 4000 gulden for food, medicine and milk for the kittens. All of her income goes to her animals and donations are heavily needed – everything is welcome!

Thanks to Wings for Animals, I did not come empty handed and during my future stays I will always bring something with me in my suitcase for the cats & my silent heroines, Miriam & Mariette.


Adriana Correa:
Kitten Rescue CuracaoDuring a short holiday in Curaçao, I went to Miriam and Marcel from Kitten Rescue with supplies for the kittens and a financial donation. This nice couple really does a fantastic job in Curaçao! Respect! Unfortunately, despite their effort, there is still a lot of cats suffering on the island and Miriam and Marcel can use all the help they can get.

Please support them with a donation or food for the kittens when you are visiting Curaçao

Please adopt, don’t shop