Meet Macibiri


We have a new member in the Wings for Animals family: Macibiri, a beautiful infant gorilla. She will join our dog Bob, cat Elvis , elephant Sirimon and the rhino’s Lotie & friends you can see here.

Dear Wings for Animals,

Thank you for adopting one of our infant gorillas. The presence of infant gorillas in wild gorilla groups is an indication of population growth, but they require our daily vigilant protection and monitoring in order to ensure their survival. Proceeds from adoptions directly support wild gorilla protection in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Fossey Fund is the only organization with boots on the ground 7 days a week, 365 days a year – we never leave the forest.

Every gift saves a gorilla and changes a life.

Thank you Wings for Animals for your support.

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International is dedicated to the conservation, protection and study of gorillas and their habitats in Africa. Their successful, integrated approach includes close collaboration with local governments and communities as well as partners from around the world.

Their 50 years of successful conservation work in saving gorillas is based on a holistic model with four key parts: direct, daily protection of gorillas; scientific research on gorillas and their ecosystems; educating the next generation of scientists and conservationists in Africa; and helping local people with basic needs, so that communities can thrive and work together with them.