• Animal Defenders St. Maarten

    Animal Defenders St. Maarten is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) whose mission is to make sure the St.Maarten community becomes more involved in...

  • Loes at Sicily

    When I came to Sicily years ago, I had no idea that the problem of stray animals was so big there. Many people still see animals as dirty and annoying...

  • A Zoo in a shopping mall?

    Bua Noi has been caged alone and came to be recognized for her sad face, puling her hair out. Cages with only tyres, wooden climbing beams and a long ...

  • Piet meets Edwin, founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

    An interview of our ambassador Piet Hellemans with Edwin Wiek, founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation about maltreated or neglected wild animals, the ...

  • Meet Macibiri

    We have a new member in the Wings for Animals family: Macibiri, a beautiful infant gorilla. She will join our dog Bob, cat Elvis , elephant Sirimon an...

  • Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

    Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

    Colleague and former board member Eline Ploeger paid a visit to Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire: In December I was back on Bonaire since a long time and almo...

  • The new way of keeping horses

    The new way of keeping horses We all know the picture of the horse with his head over the gorgeous stable door. Standing on a big bed of yellow straw....

  • Vrijwilligers Wings for Animals

    Wings for Animals Volunteer Evening

    The first (and certainly not the last) Wings for Animals volunteer meeting was a success. Colleagues with a heart for animals came together to get ide...

  • International Snow Leopard Day

    On 23 October, the annual ‘International Snow Leopard Day’ calls for extra attention for the protection of the snow leopard and its habitat. S...

  • Katten Sterilisatie Project Curacao

    Spay & Neuter Project Curacao

    The stray cat problem on Curaçao is big. It’s huge! Perhaps invisible to many, but the suffering is enormous. The overpopulation in residential...

  • world lion day

    World Lion Day

    We would like to highlight Stichting Spots on this appropriate day. SPOTS is committed to the wild felines. And this is badly needed: “animals s...

  • international cat day

    International Cat Day

    In addition to our orphan elephant Sirimon, our adoption dog Bob and our 4 orphan rhinoceroses Lotti & friends, from today on International Cat Da...

  • international tiger day

    International Tiger Day 2018

    The tiger is the largest of the world’s big cats and this magnificent creature, with its distinctive orange and black stripes and beautifully marked...

  • Wings for Animals ontvangt onderscheiding van KLM CEO Pieter Elbers

    Compliment from colleague

    A post from colleague Merel Timmers, thank you Merel for your support! For everyone who loves animals … I have been working for KLM for 13 years...

  • Adoption Sirimon the elephant

    Wings for Animals has been in close contact with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust since our origin. We have been bringing pantyhoses from colleagues...

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    Retiro de las Colas Perdidas
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    Nine Lives Aruba
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    Wild Bird Rehab Bonaire
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  • In Brazil
    Fenix Foundation Brazil
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    Shanghai Animal Rescue
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    Curacao Animal Rights Foundation (CARF)
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    Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation
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    Delhi Tails of Compassion Trust
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    Mana Hamey Heyvanat Iran
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    David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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    Trap Neuter Return Manage (TNRM) Malaysia
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    Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG)
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    Animal Defenders St. Maarten
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