Without our donors and sponsors our work would be difficult, if not impossible.
Dog with a Mission

In addition to buying a quality and statement dog accessories from Dog with a Mission, you are also supporting animal welfare charities. A portion of every sale goes to a variety of animal-related charities including Wings for Animals. Also, we donate our old collar collections to rescue animals so that they can feel loved and stand out as well, drawing human eyes to their hopeful eyes as they wait to be adopted.

Dog with a Mission supports Wings for Animals monthly with a financial donation. In addition, a few times a year, we may receive collars and leashes that are out of the range.


Medpets.nl is an online pet pharmacy where you can order veterinary medicines, nutritional supplements, diet food and care products for your dogs, cats, horses, small animals, birds, fish, garden animals and farm animals cheaply online.


Medpets.nl was founded in 2007 and was the first in the Netherlands to start offering a wide range of veterinary medicines, nutritional supplements, diet food and care products for pets online. In addition to the Netherlands, Onlinepets B.V. with Medpets.be, Medpets.de, Vetsend.co.uk, Medpets.fr and Medpets.at also active in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Austria respectively.


Jewelry, beads and accessories: Beadazzled has a beautiful and wide range. In addition to all the nice gifts that you can buy at Beadazzled, you can also follow workshops in making your own jewelry.

Beadazzled supports Wings for Animals by making bracelets that we can sell on our website and markets. In addition, Beadazzled annually organises a table for us during two prominent sales markets.

Dierenlot Foundation

Our goal is to prevent unnecessary suffering from companion, stray and wildlife animals. An intricate network of local animal welfare organisations is important for humans and animals. That network is already there, so we want to maintain, strengthen and protect it.’
Dierenlot helps Wings for Animals financially and with relief supplies. www.dier.nu