OUR TEAM behind the scenes


In addition to all flying volunteers who carry (medical) supplies for the projects in their suitcases, volunteers who collect medication from veterinarians and of course our (regular) donors, a pleasant team works behind the scenes on social media, website, to get donations to the right place , newsletter, education, medical advice, banking, answering questions and so on. This permanent team is necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly day in and day out.

Annelies Moolenaar
Board Member & Founder

To me animal welfare is very important. I try to help every animal in need that crosses my path, worldwide. Together we can do so much more, that’s why Wings for Animals was founded in 2015.

Jos Gielen
Treasurer & Website Administrator

Animals deserve our care, attention and protection. As a retired  KLM Captain I am well aware of the fantastic job Wing for Animals does to ensure this. As webmaster I can contribute, even though I am not actively flying anymore.

Jolande van den Broek
Boardmember & Veterinarian

Since 2013 I have been working as a veterinarian, with a great preference for surgery. After a number of successful sterilisation campaigns I look forward to future projects together with Wings for Animals!

Judith Linterman
Transportation Volunteer

Animals are dependent on us and at the mercy of the situations they find themselves in. That’s why I volunteer at Wings for Animals Foundation to help provide these animals with more hope. Become a donor or volunteer and help us in our fight for more awareness in animal welfare and support for organizations that work so hard for these defenseless animals!!

Ruud Wolf
Financial Statements

I love supporting the people who are so concerned with improving animal welfare around the world. And so indirectly to be able to contribute a small part.

Vivian Verwey

After working for KLM for almost 30 years, I consciously chose to become a volunteer at Wings for Animals. I have a great love for animals and nature and I believe in education and information of young people to gain more attention for other living beings and their vulnerability.

Wings for Animals combines these insights and that is why I am proud to be part of this foundation.

Margot van Vogelpoel
Social Media

Animals have the right to a life free of pain and suffering. My compassion for animals is great and thanks to Wings for Animals I can work for animal welfare and animal rights worldwide!
“This earth was made for all beings not just human beings!”

piet hellemans
Ambassador & Veterinarian

I’m Piet Hellemans, veterinarian and media-vet in several tv shows in The Netherlands and I write for websites and magazines. My goal is to enhance animal well-being and help people and organisations who care for them.