The Wings for Animals Foundation, consisting of cabin and cockpit crew, helps small to medium-sized projects at our flight destinations that are dedicated to animals in need. We help our projects with cleaning cages, giving attention to the shelter animals, walking with shelter dogs and transporting necessities such as food supplements, toys, anti-parasites and other medical supplies. In addition, we organize sterilization projects and offer financial assistance so that the projects can pay their rent, food and other necessities on the spot.

The great advantage of our job is that we can often visit our projects and therefore see, with our own eyes, what our donors and sponsors contribute to.

We receive a lot of things from, among others, Dierenlot, Medpets and through our volunteers.
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In addition to our regular projects described above, over the years we have been able to help many other projects, shelters and sanctuary’s…

Save Dubai Stray Cats / Dubai
Gatos de Pueblu / Spain
Asturimaus / Spain
Animals Shelter Bonaire / Bonaire
Animal Relief Foundation / Aruba
House of the Wandering Animals / Hong Kong
Hecé Felíz un Gato / Buenos Aires
Zanzibar Animals Affection Society ZAAS / Zanzibar
Stray Dogs Foundation / Istanbul
Saved Souls / Khon Kaen Thailand
Orphanage Foundation / Cameroon
Heart 4 Botosani Strays / Romania
Prince Fluffy Kareem / Cairo Egypt