Suitcases full of supplies

Suitcases full of supplies

This week our suitcases, full of (medical) supplies, will be on their way to different destinations for all kinds of animals:

  • Blankets to South Africa for the rhino orphans
  • Milk (sponsored by and food to Curacao for the kittens
  • Food and surgical towels / gloves to Suriname for the dogs
  • Natural medicines to Curacao for a number of sick cats
  • Toys and food and other support to Curacao for the dogs


Jacobien, Juultje, Nathalie, Emily, Nicole, Jeanette, Sherry-Ann, Miranda, Adriana …

Thank you dear colleagues for all your help, organising and for filling the suitcases !!!

Lyonne thank you for the wonderful donation of which we have been able to buy many of the above!
What a teamwork