Wings for Animals consist of cabin and cockpit crew, helps small to medium-sized projects (at our flight destinations) that are committed to animals in need. We help our projects with cleaning the cages, giving attention to and walking with shelter animals and transporting necessities such as food supplements, toys, anti-parasites and other medical devices. In addition, we organize sterilization projects and offer financial assistance so that the projects can pay their rent, food and other necessities on the spot. To be able to continue doing this, we of course also need help!


How can you help us?
You can of course become a Wings for Animals donor.  You can do this via internet banking; you can determine the amount of your one-off or monthly donation yourself, of course you are always able to end it when ever you like. You can also become a member of Teaming. That is a kind of 1 euro club. Every month you donate 1 euro (or your own amount) via Teaming.


Benefits of teaming are:


  • It is very transparent and reliable
  • The entire amount goes to Wings for Animals
  • Because the amount is small, the support can be larger.
  • Cancellation is possible every month


You could share the link with colleagues, friends and family.


We are also very helpful if you visit pet shops and veterinary surgeons in your area and ask for anti-parasite drugs, eye ointment, other medical supplies and food. These items may also be past the expiration date. You can bring these collected items yourself and visit one of our projects.


Everyone can of course assist at our projects. Are you going on vacation and do you want to do something with or for (shelter) animals? View our projects here, who knows there may be a project in your neighbourhood or at your holiday destination.
Bringing food, meds and toys, help with cleaning and give the animals the so needed attention, always provides a nice topic and we can share your visit on our Facebook page.


If you have ideas yourself or you have a question about the above, please send us an email:

Donate online

*If you want to make a donation for a certain project only, please let us know. In this case your donation will be used solely for this project. 

  • In Iran
    Mana Hamey Heyvanat Iran
  • In Curacao
    Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation
  • In Kenya
    David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • In Malaysia
    TNRM Malaysia
  • In South Africa
    The Rhino Orphanage
  • In Thailand
    Stichting Project Street Dogs Thailand
  • In Suriname
    Stichting Henk Abrahamse
  • In Tanzania
    Every Living Thing (ELT)
  • In India
    Delhi Tails of Compassion Trust
  • Shanghai Animal Rescue
    In China
    Shanghai Animal Rescue
  • In Curacao
    Curacao Animal Rights Foundation (CARF)
  • In Peru
    Kennedy Park Kittens Lima
  • In Bonaire
    Wild Bird Rehab Bonaire
  • In Capetown
  • In Brazil
    Fenix Foundation Brazil
  • In St. Martin
    Animal Defenders St. Maarten
  • In Aruba
    Nine Lives Aruba