About Wings for Animals

Wings for Animals, founded by KLM flight attendants, supports small to medium-sized projects around the world that are committed to the welfare of all kinds of animals. As crew we travel to many countries where we see animal suffering up close. Because together you are stronger, we have joined forces in Wings for Animals.


During our lay-overs abroad, we clean animal shelters, we walk with shelter dogs, we comb and wash the shelter animals. In our suitcases we transport things such as anti-parasite medication, blankets and tights for orphan rhinos and elephants, toys and snacks for shelter animals.


We offer financial assistance so that the projects can pay their rent, food and other necessities on the spot.


Finally, we organize sterilization projects with our ambassadors and veterinarians Jolande van den Broek and Piet Hellemans. Sterilization and education reduce the number of stray animals. Because we can easily visit our projects, we see with our own eyes what is done with the donations.


We do not incur unnecessary costs, all donations go directly to the animals.
To offer all this, we need your help! Take a look what suits you to help us.


Sterilization projects on the agenda for 2020:

  • Thailand with Project Street Dogs Thailand
  • Brazil with Fenix ​​Foundation
  • Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation


Both veterinarians Piet and Jolande will be involved. Every donated amount is more than welcome!

How do we help?

  • by financial donations to local projects
  • by worldwide transportation of supplies
  • by helping at shelters
  • by organizing sterilization programs
  • by information and education (i.a. at schools)
  • by joining forces with other foundations
  • In Iran
    Mana Hamey Heyvanat Iran
  • In Curacao
    Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation
  • In Kenya
    David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • In Malaysia
    TNRM Malaysia
  • In South Africa
    The Rhino Orphanage
  • In Thailand
    Stichting Project Street Dogs Thailand
  • In Suriname
    Stichting Henk Abrahamse
  • In Tanzania
    Every Living Thing (ELT)
  • In India
    Delhi Tails of Compassion Trust
  • Shanghai Animal Rescue
    In China
    Shanghai Animal Rescue
  • In Curacao
    Curacao Animal Rights Foundation (CARF)
  • In Peru
    Kennedy Park Kittens Lima
  • In Bonaire
    Wild Bird Rehab Bonaire
  • In Capetown
  • In Brazil
    Fenix Foundation Brazil
  • In St. Martin
    Animal Defenders St. Maarten
  • In Aruba
    Nine Lives Aruba