About Wings for Animals

The goal of Wings for Animals, founded by KLM cabin crew in 2015, is to support small to medium-sized projects worldwide that are committed to the welfare of all kinds of animals. In addition, the foundation provides useful information to create public awareness, so that animal suffering can be prevented.

As crew we visit many countries where we see animal suffering up close. Because together we stand strong, we have joined forces in Wings for Animals.


Thanks to the support of donors and sponsors, we can provide financial assistance to our projects so that they can pay for their veterinary costs, food and other supplies on the spot.


Since the foundation started, we have focused on sterilisation actions. It has been proven that sterilisation reduces the number of stray animals and thus prevents animal suffering. Our first project in 2016 was very successful, we try to participate in sterilisation campaigns every year or to organise them ourselves.


Education gets to the root and can solve most problems. Education creates understanding and this understanding can lead to a reduction in animal suffering. Through social media and education programs with the local population, we try to draw attention to animal suffering in the tourism sector, animal suffering caused by the constant increase of stray animals, but also hidden animal suffering such as lonely pets, or animals that are kept on a chain.


In our suitcases we transport medication, anti-parasite, toys and snacks for shelter animals. We transport blankets and tights for motherless rhinos and elephants (click for more info).

During these lay-overs we visit the projects and we gladly roll up our sleeves. For example, cleaning the animal shelters, walking the dogs, helping with the necessary fur care and above all giving the animals much-needed attention.


There are many (natural) disasters worldwide where we also offer our help, because our profession allows us to reach a destination quickly and free of charge. For example, we were able to provide assistance to projects in Australia during the severe forest fires; for the animals affected there. But we also took burns ointment and bandages with us to Greece, which also had recently been hit by forest fires. If we do not fly to the affected area, we offer our financial assistance.


All in all, there is still a lot of work to be done and to keep doing all this, we need your help! Take a look what suits you to help us


Because we can easily visit our projects, we see with our own eyes what is done with the donated (financial) resources. We make no unnecessary costs, all donations go directly to (our) projects and therefore the animals.

How do we achieve our goal?

  1. Donations of money and relief supplies for local projects
  2. Organising and executing sterilisation actions
  3. Information and education on animal welfare
  4. Transporting relief supplies and providing our projects with supporting work at destination
  5. Providing emergency aid in the event of (natural) disasters