Policy Plan

The “Wings for Animals Foundation” was founded by five stewardesses in November 2015.
Starting From the first year we can count on the support of (TV) vet Piet Hellemans, who helps us as an ambassador with a great deal of love.


As flight crew we visit many countries where we see animal suffering up close.
By joining forces we have increased our knowledge and strength.


The goal of the Foundation is to support small to medium-sized projects that are committed to the welfare of animals worldwide.
In addition, the foundation provides useful information to create public awareness, so that animal suffering can be prevented.


How do we achieve this?

  • financial donations to (foreign) projects
  • worldwide transport of (medical) relief goods
  • aid on location (shelters, rubbish dumps)
  • sterilization programs and remote adoption
  • informing the public and education
  • collaborating with other organizations such as “Animals Today”, “Hondenbrokkenmakers” and “Wings or Support”


Which projects has Wings for Animals supported so far?
In addition to many one-off projects, Wings for Animals has built up a number of projects over the years that it regularly supports. These include:

  • Kitten Rescue Curacao
  • Mana Rescue in Iran (nearby Teheran)
  • Carf Curacao
  • Henk Abrahamse Foundation in Paramaribo
  • Cats of Curacao
  • TNR Malaysia


The board of the Wings for Animals Foundation consists of:
Chairman: Annelies Moolenaar (cabin intercontinental flights)
Treasurer / Secretariat: Jacobien Vegter (cabin European flights)
Board member: Karine de Potter (cockpit intercontinental flights)


NB: They are not paid for their time and effort. All expenses are paid for out of pocket.


How can you make a difference?
Our Foundation “Wings for Animals” is a non-profit organization and therefore dependent on donations.
The fact that we always advertise our activities in a positive and transparent way results in a wide Facebook coverage, which in turn makes it interesting for the business community to support us. Naturally these businesses are compensated by an appropriate exposure on their part.


Tax authorities / ANBI
Our foundation has the ANBI quality mark: ANBI stands for “Common good attending organization”,  in other words a charity that has been audited and recognized by the Dutch tax revenue service.


To get this recognition a number of requirements have to be met.
These are: Being a nonprofit organization of which at least 90% is serving the general interest and also has an independent management. There must be a reasonable balance between the costs of acquiring donations and managing the funds.
In short: you know that a foundation is reliable if it has the ANBI status.