Wings for Animals

Worldwide support for animals in need

about wings for animalsWings for Animals, founded by KLM flight attendants, supports small to medium-sized projects worldwide which are committed to the well-being of animals. “We help where it’s needed the most through financial donations, local aid at shelters, organizing sterillization and vaccination projects, the transport of medical goods and virtual adoption programs.” Foundation Wings for Animals is a non-profit organization depending on donations. “Volunteers regularly visit our projects and check how the financial donations are spent. Help us to prevent animal suffering and become a contributor to Wings for Animals.”

Wings For Animals
Who We Are

Wings for Animals was founded by 5 KLM flight attendants in 2015. They wanted to help animals in need they see during their work as flight attend. Nowadays, Wings for Animals supports several projects in countries all over the world to improve animal welfare and help those who need it the most.

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What We Do

Next to financial donations, Wings for Animals supports local projects by helping on site (at shelters and garbage dumps), by organizing the worldwide transportation of medical supplies for animals, by long distance adoption programs and by funding and staffing remote sterilization projects.

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What We Need

Wings for Animals sees how animals are mistreated, ignored and/or used solely for tourism on a daily basis. Here, we’re helping on the spot; to stop this suffering and give these animals a second chance. Wings for Animals is totally dependent on donations. Please join us and become a supporter of Wings for Animals!

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We will keep you informed about the projects we support and how they do develop and of course, we tell you about what we experience on route. Also do not forget to stay tuned via our Facebook page

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Wings For Animals
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With your donation we can make a difference for many animals in need