Wings for Animals

Worldwide support for animals in need

Wings for Animals, founded in 2015 by KLM cabin crew, aims to work worldwide against animal suffering and to make people aware of abuses against animals.

Wings for Animals achieves its goal by:


  1. Create awareness about tourist attractions with (wild) animals
  2. Support and collaborate with wildlife management organisations
  3. Provide financial donations and (medical) relief supplies to small and medium sized projects that are committed to the welfare of (stray) animals.
  4. Contribute to sterilisation campaigns


By creating awareness you tackle most problems at the root. Understanding arises and this understanding can lead to a reduction of animal suffering. Through social media and education programs we pay attention to animal suffering in the tourism sector and animal suffering that is caused by the constant increase of stray animals. We also work with wildlife management organisations such as the Jane Goodall Institute, Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Wildlife Friends Foundation and Born Free Foundation. This collaboration provides more knowledge and greater reach, which ultimately also contributes to reducing animal suffering for these animals.


Through the support of donors and sponsors, we are able to provide financial assistance to projects on our flight routes so that they can pay for their vet costs, food and other supplies.


During these layovers we visit the projects and are happy to roll up our sleeves. For example, cleaning the animal enclosures, walking the dogs, helping with the necessary coat care and, above all, giving attention.

In our suitcases we transport medication, anti-parasite products, toys and snacks for shelter animals. We transport blankets and tights for motherless rhinos and elephants.


Since the establishment of our foundation, we have focused on sterilisation campaigns. It has been proven that sterilisation reduces the number of stray animals and prevents a lot of animal suffering. Our first sterilisation action in 2016 was very successful. We participate in sterilisation actions or organise them ourselves.

All together, there is still a lot of work to be done and in order to continue to do all this, we need your help! See here how you can help us.

Because we can easily visit our projects, we see with our own eyes what is done with the donated (financial) resources. We do not incur unnecessary costs, all donations go directly to the projects and therefore the animals.

How do we help?



For the love and respect for animals, please avoid any establishment that uses animals for entertainment, and tell your family and friends to do the same

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Traveling overseas is exciting for everyone. The majority of people’s first instinct when they arrive overseas is to sight-see, try out the traditional foods of that country and of course do some shopping. But does anyone know what they are actually buying?

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When you buy a pet from a pet store or on-line sellers, you’re supporting cruel pet mills. Simultaneously pets are waiting in shelters all around the world.

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